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The Limassol Book Fair will take place on November 25-27, 2022 at Carob Mills venue, in the historic medieval castle area of Limassol. With Bridges, as the core theme for this year, the fair aims at attracting book industry professionals, publishers, booksellers, municipalities, cultural institutions, authors, artists, children, adults, and book lovers. Entrance to the public is free.



Modeled after international book fairs, the Limassol Book Fair will bring together people from the field of books, publications, culture and letters including publishing houses, booksellers, professionals and speakers from abroad, cultural and research institutions, governmental entities, embassies, municipalities, universities, literary associations and other organized cultural associations. All exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their work, exchange ideas and practices, expand their network, and join forces to further stimulate book culture and highlight local industry production. 


The Limassol Book Fair aspires to become a regional communications hub where neighboring stakeholders can meet and share insights on mutual issues concerning Letters, Books, and Culture in general. It aims at stimulating all areas of the local book industry, such as publishing, book-selling, printing and production (physical and electronic), online and offline marketing, editorial and other literary areas. In addition, the event aspires to hold an industry-specific event focusing on challenges facing the local and regional book sector.

Our team.

The Limassol Book Fair consists of a diverse group of individuals, specializing in the fields of publishing, writing, communications, business, and culture. Their common love about Culture and Books is what drives their efforts to create a long-lasting impact to the cultural identity of the community and the region. 

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