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Agenda 2022

Our main theme for this year is "BRIDGES" and can be interpreted in a multitude of ways: a meeting place, a possibility for connection and communication, a metaphor. With the unfolding of events over the last couple of years, we feel there is a real need to open up dialogue about the role of literature, words, and language in "bridging" the upheavals across people and communities, to reflect and re-engage, to share and empower with knowledge, understanding, and empathy the continuation of growth within the industry of literature and publishing.


The 3-day agenda consists of: 


  • the Limassol Book Fair Conference on November 25th wherein publishers, booksellers and book professionals from around Cyprus, together with book professionals from Greece and Europe, will meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the Cyprus book market and its interconnection with the international book trade.  

  • a two-days programme of presentations, 26-27.11, and panel discussions of renowned writers and speakers from Cyprus, Greece and abroad and other artistic events on both the main as well as on the kids and youth stage.










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