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Carlo Carrenho

Publishing consultant, Head of International Business Development, StreetLib

Carlo Carrenho is a publishing consultant based in Sweden and the Head of International Business Development of Italian digital aggregator StreetLib. He was the founder of book trade media PublishNews in Brazil and Spain. He recently joined a partner in his home country Brazil to launch Pop Stories, an audiobook company. Majored in Economics at the University of São Paulo and a Radcliffe Publishing Course graduate, Carlo accumulates almost 30 years as a book publishing professional. He loves to interact, to network and to learn from people. This is why he loves to be a co-organizer of Reboot Books, a mixture of conference, think tank and community. Along his career, Carlo focused on digital developments in the publishing industry and also on new business models. He held executive positions in companies such as Thomas Nelson (Brazil), Ediouro (Brazil) and Word Audio Publishing International (Sweden), He has also consulted for companies in Brazil, Germany, Finland, Spain, Argentina, Canada and the US. Currently his consulting activities are more focused on audiobooks and Print on Demand for European companies. Carlo lives in the idyllic town of Trosa in Sweden with his wife Carla and two kids. He loves movies, books, travelling and just seat at the piers of his town and contemplate.

Hanife Içten

Key Account Manager for English-Language World, Cyprus, Greece & Turkey, Frankfurt Book Fair

Hanife was born in a village near Kütahya, Turkey, close to Aizanoi. She came to Germany at 9 months old and considers herself a cosmopolit and a Greek by heart. She lived in Cologne until University and she studied at Münster, Cardiff (Wales), Strassburg and Frankfurt am Main. Hanife holds a Masters in English Philology and loves reading in German, English and Turkish. She Started working for Frankfurt Book Fair in the year 2000. Since 2017 she has been responsible for customers from the English-language world, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. She lives currently on a remote German island in the North Sea, where no cars or other vehicles are allowed.

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Pantelia Vyrides

Officer, Organization for European Programmes and Cultural Relations

Pantelia Vyrides is an Officer at the Organization for European Programmes and Cultural Relations which manages, among others, the Cyprus Desks of the EU Programmes “Creative Europe” and “CERV”. She has 15 years of operational experience in managing and delivering cultural events and a strong track record in building relationships with local and European organizations. Her activity in the cultural sector includes the management of cultural events, concerts, festivals, presentations, fundraising events, and tours. In parallel, she is actively involved in the organization of local community activities.

Nopi Chatzigeorgiou

International Book Fairs Coordinator, Hellenic Foundation for Culture

Nopi Chatzigeorgiou has been working in the book industry (cultural management and communication) since 1997. After studying philosophy, philology, (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), and theater she collaborated for five years with Kastaniotis Editions; after that she worked at the National Book Center of Greece (EKEBI) as a Press and Communication manager. Since 2014, she is working as the Coordinator of the Thessaloniki Book Fair and the Greek participation in international book fairs around the world at the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (which succeeded EKEBI).

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Michalis Kalamaras

Publishing consultant, eAnagnostis, Head of Marketing and Content, Thinking

Michalis Kalamaras, with studies in Greek philology, is a digital publishing consultant and founder of, where since 2008 he has been writing on digital editions, ebooks and audiobooks, and the digital transformation of the book industry. With more than 15 years of experience as a book professional, since 2013 he works in digital marketing and content development at thinking, a company specialized in digital services and products for the book industry in Greece and abroad. He is regularly featured in the Greek media speaking and writing on the digital transformation of the book industry and he has organised professional events or been invited as a speaker and moderator. Lately, he has been co-curator of the professional program of the Thessaloniki Book Fair and moderator at professional seminars organised by Frankfurt Book Fair, Goethe-Institut and Hellenic Foundation for Culture. He has participated in conferences like FutureBook, Readmagine και Digital Publishing Summit and, as a speaker, in ReBoot Books, as well as a visitor and exhibitor in London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair.

Akis Christou

Acting President of the Cyprus Booksellers Association, Bookseller, Soloneion Book Centre

Akis Christou has been involved in the book industry since 1989. After studying Mathematics and physical Oceanography in the UK and concluding his military service in Cyprus, he worked briefly at the Cyprus Sports Organisation before joining the family business, Soloneion Book Centre, in Nicosia. He has served on the board of the Cyprus Booksellers Association, organizing a number of book exhibitions in the past.

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Anna Ioannidou

Co-founder, Limassol Book Fair,
Founder of literary blog, Poet

Anna Ioannidou is one of the founders at Limassol Book Fair. Since 2021, she practices Counseling and Psychotherapy, while she has studies in English Language, Psycholinguistics, Human Resources and Counseling & Psychotherapy. She worked for 8 years at Heart Group where she was the Head of Partnerships and Communication at Reflect festival for 4 years. Reflect is the largest technology and innovation festival organized in Cyprus. Since 2016 she runs the Poetry and Literature blog Apotipomata, while in 2022 she published her first poetry collection Apotipomata (Armida Books).

Elias Epiphaniou

Publisher, Elias Epiphaniou Publications

Elias Epiphaniou is the founder and managing director of Elias Epiphaniou Publications, a company established in 2005. With business studies from the State University of New York at Albany, Elias has been active in publishing for over 35 years. Coming from a family with a long tradition in book publishing, Elias founded his own company in 1996, with the aim of providing readers with books of the highest quality. Over the years, Elias Epiphaniou Publications has become one of the most dynamic and influential publishing companies of the island.


Nikos Argyris

Publisher, Ikaros Publishing, President of the Association of Greek Publishers and Booksellers (EN.EL.VI.)

Nikos Argyris studied Media and Creative Enterprises in the UK. Since 2005 he co-directs Ikaros Publishing. He has been a member of the board of the Association of Greek Publishers and Booksellers (EN.EL.VI.) and in May 2022 he was elected its President. In 2022 he was awarded by the Spanish State the Official Cross of the Order of Civil Merit for his contribution in the diffusion of Spanish culture in Greece.

Argyris Kastaniotis

Publisher, Kastaniotis Editions, Secretary General of the Association of Greek Publishers and Booksellers (EN.EL.VI.)

Argyris Kastaniotis is director general and head of digital strategy at Kastaniotis Editions. He studied in London publishing production and management (BSc Hons Graphic Media Studies, PGDip New Media Production). He participated in the conferences on digital edition Tools of Change in New York and Frankfurt and Future by The Bookseller magazine in London. He served as Secretary General of the National Book Centre of Greece (EKEBI) and he currently serves as  Secretary General of the Association of Greek Publishers and Booksellers (EN.EL.VI.)


Giorgos Papanagiotou

Managing Director, Thinking

Giorgos Papanagiotou studied social and political sciences at the University of Essex, UK. He worked for 12 years as a researcher and consultant for development projects, serving in senior management positions. In 2002 he founded thinking, where he is currently the managing director and works on developing and managing technology projects for publishing companies and cultural organisations, supporting their digital transition. He has participated in trade fairs and conferences of the book industry, both as visitor and exhibitor (London Book Fair). Lately he participated as a speaker in the seminar “New business models for the post-pandemic publishing industry”, organised by Frankfurt Book Fair,  Goethe-Institut and Hellenic Foundation for Culture in the context of the 18th Thessaloniki Book Fair. 

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