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About the Limassol International Book Fair Conference 2023

Limassol International Book Fair Conference is the international professional programme of the 2nd Limassol Int’l Book Fair (17-19 November 2023), and will take place on  Friday November 17th, the first day of the Fair. This year, we build on the success of our first iteration of 2022, the first professional event for the book industry organized in Cyprus, with more than 120 participants and 10 international and local speakers from Cyprus, Greece and Europe, to upgrade the Conference.


Limassol International Book Fair Conference 2023 will expand its programme to become a whole day event followed by workshops during the Weekend, broaden the range of topics covered, including libraries and rights, strengthen its links to the international publishing community and the region with more European speakers and establishing contact with the Arab world, and form new partnerships with Cyprus Association of Librarians – Information Scientists (CALIS) and Creative Europe Desk Cyprus.


At Limassol International Book Fair Conference 2023, publishers, booksellers, authors, librarians and book professionals from around Cyprus, together with book professionals from Greece ,Europe and the Arab world, will meet and discuss local, regional and international challenges and opportunities.


Our extended programme of talks, Q&As and panel discussions followed by a cocktail reception will provide ample opportunities to inform, to inspire and to network.


The Limassol International Book Fair Conference 2023 will focus on:

  • Key challenges of Cypriot libraries exemplified by the Cypriot Libraries, the Collective Catalogue and State Archives

  • Best practices for getting published and getting translated

  • EU-funded grant and prizes opportunities

  • Getting to know the Arab book market

  • The case for audiobooks and audiobooks in Greek through JukeBooks

  • Connecting the Cypriot book market with the Greek book market through the Greek Collecting Society for Literary Works (OSDEL), OSDELnet database and Thessaloniki Book Fair

  • The next generation of Cypriot publishers and booksellers


The Limassol Int’l Book Fair Conference will appeal to:

  • Publishers and publishing professionals in production, marketing and sales

  • Booksellers and book distributors

  • Authors

  • Librarians

  • Copy-editors, graphic designers and typographers

  • Marketing professionals and digital agencies

  • Publishing industry related university departments (desktop publishing, marketing, business, literature, translation, graphic design, software development)

  • Embassies and overseas cultural institutions

  • Government representatives from Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Commerce


Simultaneous interpreting from English to Greek and from Greek to English will be provided during the sessions.

Organisation and Curation

Limassol Int’l Book Fair Conference is organised by the Limassol Int'l Book Fair and Thinking, a company with 15 years experience in providing services and solutions for the book and culture industry, and is curated by Michalis Kalamaras and Giorgos Papanagiotou.


Limassol Int’l Book Fair is organised under the auspices of the President of the House of Representatives and in collaboration with Limassol Municipality.

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