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Click here to download the Expo Area Map in PDF format


There are four stand sizes available for exhibitors:

Small stand - 1 table 1.80X0.50 & 1 table 1.20x0.60

Medium stand - 2 tables 1.80X0.50 & 1 table 1.20x0.60 

Large stand - 7 tables 1.80X0.50 & 1 table 1.20x0.60 

Extra Large stand - 9 tables 1.80X0.50 & 1 table 1.20x0.60

Independent Authors (Stand F13) - allocation of 0.90x0.50 each for a total of 16 authors

Electricity, Chairs, and Tablecloths included.


There are 5 stand prices available for exhibitors:

Small stand - 150Euro (plus VAT)

Medium stand - 250Euro (plus VAT)

Large stand - 600Euro (plus VAT)

Extra Large stand - 800Euro (plus VAT)

Academic stands (Main Stage) - 350 euro (plus VAT)

Independent Authors (Stand F13) - 85Euro (plus VAT) - for the entire weekend


1. Identify your preferred booth number from the Expo Map above. Complete the stand application below. It is pointed out that priority order will be strictly observed in the selection of booths.

2. To ensure that the booth you want is available, further to the application you fill out, phone reservation is mandatory at 00 357 99 36 18 06

3. For your reservation to be confirmed, the corresponding amount must be deposited into the following IBAN account: CY87005001250001250197040601 (Hellenic Bank). In the bank description, the stand number should be written in Latin characters. Due to increased demand, payment must be made within three (3) business days. In case payments is not received within one week of your initial reservation, the booth will automatically be considered vacant.


1. If you are a publishing house based OUTSIDE of Cyprus you can participate in the Fair in the following ways:

(a) directly rent a small or medium-sized booth; The staffing of the stand as well as the transport of books is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

(b) arrange representation of your books via a bookshop or publishing house based in Cyprus. It is your responsibility to contact your possible representative.

2. If you are a bookstore or publishing house based in Cyprus and you are interested in representing publishing house(s) from Greece or elsewhere, you can contact them directly and arrange representation.


3. It is pointed out that priority order will be strictly applied in the selection of booths.


Book presentations will be held at the "Open stage", located on the mezzanine level of the Ceronia Hall at Carob Mills. The space can hold upto 80 people and is accessible only by stairs.

Priority for booking a time-slot is given to those exhibiting at the Fair. A total of 7 time-slots with a strict duration of one (1) hour are available per day. Time-slots are set from 10:00-20:00, Saturday and Sunday. Due to the limited availability of time-slots, all interested parties should apply as soon as possible.

Responsibility for the organization and promotion of each event held at the "Open stage" hall rests solely with the exhibitor who undertakes it. The Limassol Book Fair undertakes to promote the Open Stage as a whole with special postings on their Social Media, as well as special announcements and markings in the Venue.


The events are free for exhibitors.


1. Complete the form below

2. To ensure that you have been submitted into the application list for a time-slot, further to the application you fill out, phone reservation is mandatory at 00 357 99 36 18 06

Book your stand

Would you like to apply for a book presentation at the “Open stage”?

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors.


  1. Book discount during the Fair is not mandatory. In case of discounts, the Fair sets the maximum discount at 30%, with the exception of publishing houses which have the right to determine the amount of the discount for their exclusive publications. Non-compliance results in possible disqualification from future Fairs.

  2. It is forbidden to display and sell products except books and other similar products. Sale of toys, electronic devices and anything else that does not fall within the logic of a Book Fair is prohibited. In case of non-compliance, the exhibitors will be notified accordingly. Non-compliance results in possible disqualification from future Fairs.

  3. Exhibitors undertake that their advertising or other promotional materials will not be placed in the common corridors and will not obstruct smooth traffic in common areas.

  4. Responsibility for loss or damages to any exhibit or property of the Exhibitor remains with the Exhibitor at all times. The Limassol Book Fair is not liable for any such loss or damage.

  5. The Limassol Book Fair will provide Venue security around the clock from 11/16 to 11/19.

  6.  The loading and unloading of the books be done only from the side of the parking area at Lanitis Carob Mills.

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